Custom Shopify Sites

Custom Shopify Sites

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Need a website? I disagree. You need an all-around sales system, built from the ground-up that produces the freedom you were after when you began this journey.

I build Shopify Sites for brands that know they're going to change the planet, one sale at a time.  The result of working with a fellow brand-owner on a mission, with expert shopify sales experience since 2010, is this: 

  • ONE central command to check in with daily (or teach your team to!) even when selling on Amazon, Etsy, Ebay, Houzz, Facebook, and of course through your brand's URL.
  • Centralized, immediate access to buyer metrics, social media audiences, top products... there are so many reports to dig in to within a functioning integrated Shopify store that I DO NOT suggest visiting them often!
  • Your time back, from the beginning. A smooth running sales and operating system keeps you in creation-mode, able to connect with the audience you love. Shipping and fulfillment is personal, easy, and can be outsourced at scale. 
  • The knowledge you need to add products, change design, and even pivot your site at will - without contacting your designer. I put Shopify owners in the OWNER seat, not subject to "having to call their developer" to run a promo.
  • The ability to pre-sell, while funding your product launch without having to tap in to investments or your own savings. 
  • A no-fail marketing strategy with first steps to selling fast - whether you're pre-selling merch, or have product in hand to move. My goal is to get sales coming through your site faster than you thought possible. 


I charge $2500 up front, and bill $2500 upon completion of site release, which usually takes around 1 month or less. Some of my clients release their site in 2 weeks, take pre-sales, and have paid for their last invoice within the last 2 weeks. This timeline is not a guarantee, and is dependent on receiving the info I need from you to build your brand presence. When I publish an ETA like this,  always under-promise an over-deliver.


1) Request a free discovery call with me if you have questions about your brand's specific process at Already had the call and an offer for me to launch your brand? Skip to Step 2!

2) Purchase your downpayment of $2500, and make sure to add the email you want to use for our communications at checkout. 

3) Check your email for an invite to our shared Google Folder with your company's name on it. There you'll fill in all company info I need, and can add any detail you like. I'll use this doc to set up your products, navigation, and reference sites you love, and message you for anything else I need prior to our Draft Site Call. 

4) Schedule your Draft Site Call with me as soon as you get the invite! I create a beautiful first draft, completely customizable, for us to go over on our first site call. On this call you relate to the site, ask for changes, and we work through any detail that needs to be applied over the week after.

5) Schedule your Site Launch Call where we go over the final draft, make any changes needed, and you receive training on how to run your entire sales system. This includes orientation to the back-end day to day function of your business and how to use Shopify to do as much work for you as possible, and the front-end marketing strategy lined out specifically for YOUR BRAND. There are no cookie cutter methods. No pdf download that would fit every business. You're receiving high level business marketing coaching within this last step that, when executed, collapses the learning curve and puts you in the front seat while Shopify takes in sales.  

Success Loves Speed. I've created final sites that are able to take pre-sale and crowd-funding income within 2 weeks of our first discovery call. This is dependent on your availability and the timeframe that you add photos and other assets to your folder. Want to be my next world record? You've got what it takes, or you wouldn't be reading this. 

❤️ Keren B.